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Apr 26, 2012

Conflict Management at Workplace | MBA Project

This is good MBA project report on "Conflict management at workplace" and submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the degree of Master of Business Administration. This project covers topic like what is conflict and conflict management, why learn more about conflict and conflict management, how do people respond to conflict, what modes do people use to address conflict, what factors can affect our conflict modes, how might you select your conflict management style, etc. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Conflict Management at Workplace

Objective of this study are to study the causes of conflicts at workplace, to study the impact of conflicts at workplace, to study the conflict management strategies and benefits, etc. Conflict management involves acquiring skills related to conflict resolution, self-awareness about conflict modes, conflict communication skills, and establishing a structure for management of conflict in your environment. Thanks to author and use this report for your reference and study work.

Author:- Isha Gandhi

Source:- Email



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