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Aug 10, 2011

Detection Of Lost Mobile Using Sniffers ECE Project Report

This is a good Electronics and communication project report on detection of lost mobile using sniffers. The main scope of this paper is to detect the lost mobiles. For the detection of lost mobile SNIFFER plays a vital role. The sniffer device has to be designed precisely and size should be reduced for easy mobility for the purpose of detection. The sniffer is basically a transceiver that works in the frequency which is in the special unused range that is operated by the service provided. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

The software part plays a major role in the tracking of the lost mobile phone. It is the base for the antenna to track the lost mobile the main feature of this software is that it helps in the process of creation of the data base and this is mainly done using a Random Access Memory. Use only for your reference and study work.

Author:-K.Priyadarsini, S.N.Rohit Raj



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