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Jul 12, 2011

Latest Mechanical Project Idea & Topics

Your search is over of new and latest Mechanical project Ideas for this year. We collected many good and innovative project ideas and topic for Mechanical Engineering. You can choose your project and can start working on it. We also has many Final Year Mechanical project report to help you in your project work. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

Latest Mechanical Project Idea & Topics

1.Liquid Dispenser Machine (With Air Control System):
The timer operated arrangement can be used to dispense liquid from the source to fill any liquid say milk/juice/petrol etc. This can be displayed using conveyor belt system to make the model more presentable.

2.Air Compressed Spray Gun (With Electric Air Pump):
The air pump controlled spray gun for minor paint jobs normally required by automobile workshops or artists.

3.Toffee/Packet Vending Machine:
An automatic coin vending machine that give you a packet (say Matchbox) or Toffee when you insert a 1 rupee coin in it. This is a timer based motorized Mechanical arrangement.

4.Solenoid Based Hammer:
A electro-mechanical arrangement with IR sensor in front to drill any hard surface area using solenoid coil arrangement.

5.Lathe Tool Pressure Dynamometer:
A microcontroller based project is to calculate the pressure formed at the tip of lathe tool.

6.Solenoid Based Drilling /Punching Machine With Automatic Timer Based/IR Sensor:
The good project for automation in mechanical using a drilling or punching system that operates automatically when object or work piece is placed under this.

7.Neumatic/Hydraulic Robo Arm:
The air pressure is the base behind this to move the arm to grip, to lift and to rotate the material to handle. A mini compressor will create the air pressure.

8.Sun Trakking Water Heater With Mech. Process :
A unique system that uses water itself to get maximum energy to heat water from
sun energy. The concept is to tap sun energy by means of sun tracking system. Also
known as Solar Oven.

9.Test-Tube Vibrating Machine With Dual Control :
The arrangement allows the bottles placed in a chamber to rotate with different angle and at different speed to mix the setup.

10. Electrical Energy From Amusement Park Rides (Sea-Saw, Swing, Slide, Roller Etc.) :The different amusement rides can be designed to generate electrical energy while children are using actually the park.

These were some of the good topic for final year Mechanical project. We keep on updating our Mechanical project daily so keep visiting Us.


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