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Jun 15, 2011

Training Report On Networking (MCSE & CCNA) At Jetking

This is a 6-month Electronics & communication Industrial training report on Networking (MCSE & CCNA) At Jetking and was submitted as the part of ECE course. The report starts with the Introduction to networking, Models of Networking & Categories of the network. 

This report also focuses on IP Addresses and Mac Addresses, Networking Media, Working of DHCP servers, Virtual Private Network (VPN), etc. Routing is a process or technique to identify the path from one network to another.


The above fig. shows a Structure of the domain forest and domain tree. Networking is a practice of linking two or more computing devices such as PCs, printers, faxes, etc., with each other Connection between two devices is through physical media or logical media to share information, data, and resources. 

Campus Area Network is a computer network made up of two or more LANs within a limited area. 

Use this report only for your reference and study purposes only.

Author:- Saroj Dogra



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