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Jun 1, 2011

CCTV Surveillance System & Monitoring Communication Project Report

CCTV Surveillance System & Monitoring is a good project idea and topic for the final year. The idea of this project is to monitor any area, department, class, office, meeting, security, departmental store, street, or any other place according to our needs remotely. 

In this project, IP Camera is used which allows us to handle fast image processing and give us also great power to add value-added features to our project such as face recognition, etc.

The main part of this project is IP Camera, Access Point, Server, Monitoring Tools(Software), Hub/Switch, and Internet Connection. IP cameras use Internet Protocol to transmit image data and control signals over a Fast Ethernet link. 

Microcontroller Projects with Programming & Source Code

Use this report for your reference and study only. Thanks to the Author.

Author:- Syed Azeem Ahmed, Bilawal Ali, Shaikh Mohammad Raheel, Mohammad Asif, Sassi Rahim



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