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Feb 25, 2011

Broadband Over Power Line Electrical Seminar Report

This is a good Electrical Seminar project report on Broadband Over Power Line which is also known as Power Line Communications (PLC). This report will enlighten us about use of Power line for providing Internet access in remote areas. This project report will tell more about Evolution of BPL, its Architecture, components of BPL network, Taxonomy Of Broadband Power Line and many more aspect of this theory. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

Broadband over Power Line (BPL), also known as Power Line Communications (PLC) is a disruptive communications technology that enables power line infrastructure landlords (electric utilities & property owners) and their system operator partners to deliver a suite of Internet Protocol (IP) based services using their existing power distribution infrastructure. BPL is based on PLC technology developed in 1928 by AT&T Bell Telephone Laboratories, and which has been used for internal and low-speed data communication applications since that time by the electric power utilities. Use this report only for your study and reference.



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