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Feb 23, 2011

40+ M.Tech Level Mechanical Project Ideas

Students doing M.Tech in Mechanical branch can use this list for there project and research work. We have collected some of the good M.Tech Level project ideas for you which will help you to make your project. If you want to add your M.Tech Project Topic please do Comment it and if you want to submit you M.Tech Mechanical Project report or any other you are most welcome. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

M.Tech Level Mechanical Project Ideas

1. Low Cost Hardware And Software For Marine Instrumentation With NMEA 2000
2. Development of a 3D rapid engraving system
3. Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Filament Formation in Glass/Epoxy Composites
4. Phase control in closed loop IFFT controller for vibration testing
5. Advances to a Computer Model Used in the Simulation and Optimization of Heat Exchangers
6. Improvement To Sensor Accuracy And Path Tracking Of Autonomous Ground Vehicle
7. Camera Tracking Unit For Sports Performance Analysis
8. Biologically-inspired optimal control
9. Lateral Control For Vehicle Following Using A Robotic Driver
10. Free-Flight Altitude Control Of A Quad-Rotor
11. Solar Panel Positioning System
12. Characterization and Modeling of Two-Phase Heat Transfer in Chip-Scale Non-Uniformly Heated Microgap Channels
13. Improvement to sensor accuracy and path tracking of autonomous ground vehicle
14. Biomechanics of the Intervertebral Disc: The Effects of Load History on Mechanical Behavior
15. Carbon Fiber Electronic Interconnects
16. Comparison of Assistive Mobility Devices with Axillary Supports
17. Capillary Pumped Loop Performance Investigation through Flow Visualization
18. Characterization of Fire Induced Flow Transport Along Ceilings Using Salt-Water Modeling
19. Development Of An Impact Sensor Using Ionic Polymer Metallic Composite
20. Real time tracking and processing for impact testing of composite panels
21. Investigation Into The Implementation Of Composite Suspension Arms On A Formula SAE Race Car
22. Optimisation of the manufacturing of saw dust waste plastic composite : A case study using sheet and decking profiles
23. Pressure Loading On High Performance Upwind Sails
24. Exploring the influence of processing variables on the void content and compressive strength of carbon/epoxy laminates
25. Comparison Between The Thermodynamic Properties Of Tallow Based And Vegetable Based Biodiesel To Petrol-Diesel
26. Effects Of Water Injection On Emissions And Fuel Economy Of Spark Ignition Engines
27. A Comparison Of Full Scale And Wind Tunnel Measurements Of Wind Flow Over Complex Terrain For Wind Turbine Siting
28. Development Of A Passive Dynamic Robot For Investigation Of Stability And Compliant-Legged Efficiency
29. Bending Of Honeycomb Core Material
30. A Study Of The Reduction Of Mainsail Induced Drag
31. Rapid Prototyping Of A Ducted-Fan Propeller For An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
32. The Development Of An Air-Cooled Absorption Chiller Concept And Its Integration In CHP Systems
33. The Influence Of Buoyancy On The Performance Of Perforated Solar Heaters
34. Pneumatic Artificial Muscle Actuated Ankle Rehabilitation
35. Robotic Crane With Up/Down & Circular Motion
36. Development and Testing of a Multiplexed Temperature Sensor
37. Escalator Lift Using PC & MCU
38. Development Of The Current Automated Manufacturing Line To Accommodate A New Rotor Design
39. Quality and Reliability of Elastomer Sockets
40. Rapid Polymer Prototyping for Low Cost and Robust Microrobots
41. A Refrigerant Expansion Control Device Fabricated Through Nickel Deposition Within SU8 Micromolds
42. Reliability evaluation of stacked die BGA assemblies under mechanical bending loads
43.Optimum Design And Analysis Of Swinging Jaw Plate Of A Single Toggle Jaw Crusher

There are lot more project to come for M.tech level. You can also see Mechanical Engineering Project & Seminar topics & Mechanical Pneumatic And Hydraulic Based Projects. For any other idea or help leave a comment.


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