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Jan 8, 2011

Power Electronics Based Projects Ideas

We bring you another Projects Ideas for Power Electronics Engineering which will be good to made for your final year projects or your research work also. These project Ideas are very good and if you have any another project idea on Power electronics please share through your comments. All the Power Electronics Based Projects Ideas will be highly appreciated. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

Power Electronics Based Projects Ideas

1. Divide-By-N Counter Realization Using ICs CD4033 And CD4017
2. Face Recognition Based Access Control
3. Development of FPGA based PCI bus arbiter multiprocessor Environment
4. SMS Chatting Using RF
5. Voice Based Activation And Control System Of Devices
6. IR Based Appliance Control System
7. Micro Controller based Library Management System
8. Diagnosis and debugging of programmable logic controller control programs by neural
9. Fuzzy Petri net-based programmable logic controller
10. Fully Automatic Emergency Light
11. Power Electronics Based FPGA
12. Watchman Watcher
13. RFID based Automatic Room Light with Access control
14. Traffic Light Controller using PC
15. Wireless Stepper Motor Using Microcontroller
16. Control of tap change under load transformers through the use of programmable logic
17. Automatic shutter control system with intelligent security system
18. Automated Ventilation System for Restaurants
19. Pc based electronic charger
20. Voting on telephone line.
21. MICROCONTROLLER BASED Blind Stick Using Infrared
22. Mobile Phone Operated Robot
23. Fire Fighting Robot including red time blowing off fire using Fire extinguisher
24. Versatile CMOS TTL Logic And Clock Probe
25. Auto Reset Over-Under Voltage Cut-Out
26. Transistorized Logic Probe for TTL
27. Picnic Lamp
28. Single-Gate Square Wave Generator
29. Sensitive Vibration Detector
30. Implementation of PCM (pulse code modulation) on Speech signals.
31. PIC microcontroller based dead weight indicator system with three positions
32. Microcontroller based school bell system using DallasRTC
33. Telephone Call Recorder
34. Sun Seeker
35. Web Camera Positioning System
36. Midnight Security Light
37. Implementation of fail - safe control systems using programmable logic controllers
38. Car Anti-Theft Wireless Alarm
39. Reversible DC Motor Control Using PWM
40. Stabilised Power Supply With Short-Circuit Indication
41. microcontroller based medical wheel chair control system
42. Boiler Automation System Using PLC
43. Clap Remote
44. Anti-Collision Rear Light
45. Washing Machine Motor Controller
46. Six Channel Petrochemical Fire Monitoring & Control Station
47. Web-based simulations and intelligent tutoring system for programmable logic controller
48. Four-In-One Burglar Alarm
49. Digital Fan Regulator
50. USB (Serial) Microcontroller Based Equipment Control
51. Build A Carbon Monoxide SNIFFER
52. Home Security System
53. Wireless Stepper / Dc Motor Control
54. Design of pulse Oximetry Monitor System
55. A distance PLC programming course employing a remote laboratory based on a flexible
56. SPEED Control of DC motor using PWM technique
57. Telephone Answering Matching
58. Economical Pump Controller
59. uC based Rank Display system with IR Sensor Racing Detector
60. Equipment Control Using Mobile
61. I2cprotocol Based Real Time Clock Control Application
62. I V R S For Industries
63. Computer operated Football robot (wired) Dc motor operated
64. Particulates Monitoring Using Light Beam Attenuation
65. Robot For Garden Maintenance
66. Alcohol Sensor with Auto Supply Cut off and Alarm Indication.
67. Calling Number Identification Using Calculator
68. Automatic Plant Irrigation System
69. Dc Motor Direction Control
70. Vehicle Guiding Through Remote
71. MicroController based XY Positioning System
72. Automatic Bottle filling System using PLC for multinational company.
73. Robot Control Using TV Remote
74. Automatic refilling plant
75. Digital Speedometer
76. Temperature meter [censored] on/off controller on PC
77. Voice Transmitter In Power Line And Switching
78. Point of Sale (POS) Terminal with Wireless Data Logging TO PC
79. Irrigation control
80. Object recognition robot using image recognition
81. Obstacle detection Robot.
82. Digital Door Bell
83. LPG Detector Alarm
84. Aquarium Probe
85. Car-Reversing Horn With Flasher
86. Sound operated robot manipulation
87. PIC microcontroller based soccer robot control
88. Street Light Control Through Computer
89. Microcontroller AT- C Based Automatic Flushing System
90. Build A Simple Infrared Illuminator
91. Auto Start, Auto Through Material Handling Lifts System
93. Car Anti-theft Guard
94. Electrical Distribution Control With Control Timing
95. Digital Mains Voltage Indicator
96. Automatic object sensing and object cleaning robot in industries:
97. Mobile Phone Battery Charger
98. Development Of Advanced Automated Railway Gate Control System
99. Long Range Fm Transmitter
100. Microcontroller Based Canteen Automation

More power electronics based projects ideas to come, so don't forget to subscribe.



  1. Hi, I'd like to have the report on the project of

    49. Digital Fan Regulator.

    I have the circuit diagram & the working...[electronics 4 you]

    But I'm unable to make the report as I need it badly.

    Could you please help me out..?


  2. Hi Buddy Making a Project report is not a big task. Just see the components used in this project and jut download there manual and write about them.
    In case you Badly Need we can provide you report on Remote controlled fan regulator.

  3. See report here http://www.final-yearprojects.co.cc/2011/03/remote-controlled-fan-regulator-eee.html

  4. Hi Mate can i get the report for 41
    microcontroller based medical wheel chair control system


  5. will post as soon as we have it.

  6. hi mate , yet to receive report from you. It would be rally helpfull for me . Thanks

  7. Sorry buddy could not find till now.

  8. Till then please see below link


  9. We want a project on speed control of dc motor using pwm technique using 555 timer

  10. Sai Ram > Please check http://www.final-yearproject.com/2011/10/speed-control-of-dc-motor-using.html


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