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Oct 30, 2010

Miller Cycle Gas Engine

Miller Cycle Gas Engine is a good Mechanical engineering seminar and project topic which tells about the High Efficiency Miller Cycle Gas Engine. The output of gas engines for cogeneration mainly ranges from 100 to 1 000 kW. The present gas engines are broadly classified in two types: lean-burn system (1) and stoichiometric air-fuel ratio combustion system,with the lower output engines using the stoichiometric Air-fuel ratio combustion system while the medium and large size engines adopting the lean-burn system. The lean-burn system generally features in high generating efficiency and low NOx emission in addition to the excellent endurance of the low-temperature combustion flame. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.
In the case of a Miller cycle gas engine the combustion chamber volume at compression top dead center (TDC) is reduced because of the high expansion ratio. This causes the combustion efficiency to get reduced, nullifying the effect of high expansion ratio, and inversely reducing the efficiency.



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