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Sep 13, 2010

Wi-Fi-Based VoIP service

Wi-Fi-based VoIP service can also be called as VoWiFi is used to reference a Wi-Fi-based VoIP service. This is a good seminar topic for Computer science engineering, Electronics engineering, IT, MCA etc. The advances of VoIP and Internet telephony in general have come a long way since their inception. Most recently, the "next big thing" has been to merge Wi-Fi with VoIP, producing one of the oddest acronyms you'll ever see. Use this report on VoWiFi for your reference and study purpose. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

VoWiFi, or Voice over Wireless Fidelity, simply means a Wi-Fi based VoIP service — or in even more general terms, a wireless based VoIP system.

Wireless networks operate using radio frequency (RF) technology, a frequency within the electromagnetic spectrum associated with radio wave propagation. When an RF current is supplied to an antenna, an electromagnetic field is created that then is able to propagate through space.



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