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Sep 20, 2010

Mechanical Thermal Refrigeration based Projects

If you are searching for Thermal Refrigeration based projects for your final year project then you are at right place. We have a huge list of Mechanical Thermal Refrigeration based projects which will help you in Choosing your final year Mechanical project. If you want any help then post it through your comment or post in our Final Year Project Forum You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

Thermal Refrigeration Based Projects

Fabrication of thermo-electric solar air conditioner
Water Cooler cum Air Conditioner
Fabrication of thermo-electric refrigerator
Transformer heat reduction system
Fabrication of furnace using infrared Lamp
Water cooler cum Water heater by using refrigeration System
Remote controlled boiler flame adjustment system
Fabrication of Automatic temperature controller with cooling system
Fabrication of Hot and Cold Water Dispenser
Fabrication of Solar air conditioning Machine
Waste chill recovery heat exchanger
Fabrication of Solar Air Conditioner
Fabrication of Mist Coolant system
Automatic Electro-plating coating process
Fabrication of Solar Water Heater by using parabolic collector
Electrical Power Generation using Thermal Power Plant
Fabrication of Solar refrigeration system
Fabrication of Bottle Cooler
Fabrication of Solar Fridge
Fabrication of Solar Kettle (or) Solar Parabolic Collector
Fabrication of Solar Air Cooler
Fabrication of Activated Carbon Manufacturing Plant
Fabrication of Mini Water Heater
Automatic pneumatic vulcanizing Machine using heat sensor
Solar Water Purification by using thermal method
Fabrication of Paper cup folding Machine
Fabrication of Ground Dryer
Fabrication of Micro Wave Oven
Fabrication of Miniature Boiler
Fabrication of Solar Air Dryer
Fabrication of Lube oil cooler
Fabrication of double effecting solar cooker
Fabrication of Solar Air Cooler cum Heater
Fabrication of refrigeration system (trainer)
Fabrication of L.L.D.P. Material extruder
Fabrication of solar Water Heater
Fabrication of double reflection solar Cooker
Fabrication of Cooling tower
Electrical Power Generation using Steam Power Plant
Fabrication of Solar Water Distillation (Purification) by using parabolic method
Multi-Purpose Ground Dryer (or) Multi-Purpose Dryer and Room Heater
D & F of Chemical Processing Plant
Fabrication of solar water distillation by using photovoltaic method
Fabrication of automatic humidification system

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