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Sep 21, 2010

MBA Project On Employee Empowerment

Employee Empowerment s a good topic for MBA students for their project and these Empowerment allows people, individually and in groups, to use their talents and knowledge to make decisions that affect their work. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.Use it for your reference and study.
Employee Empowerment if we elaborate the term giving powers to employee.empower the employee for various tasks and activities of their job.To empower means to enable, to allow or to permit, and can be conceived as both self-initiated and initiated by others. Empowerment is the process of enabling employees to set their own work-related goals, make decisions and solve problems with in their spheres of responsibility and authority. An important part of empowerment is the definition of spheres of responsibility and authority by management.



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