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Sep 1, 2010

Data Warehouse Management Project

Data Warehouse Management is a good IT and Computer Science project with full report.Data warehouses collect and organize historical business data so it can be analyzed to assist management in making business decisions. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.To achieve this purpose, the data warehouse is created and initially loaded with the existing historical business data. It is then periodically updated with new data from operational data systems. Much of the effort in data warehouse maintenance is involved with updating the data in the data warehouse, adjusting data presentation applications to incorporate new data, and updating data marts.

Author:-Asad javed & Sardar saad




  1. Can i get the readymade project if you are having???
    Let me know asap on or

    Also let me know your terms & conditions...

  2. Can I have the source code of the project and also any screenshots of the project if you are having???? Let me know on my email id.

    Also let me know your terms and conditions....

  3. No we dont sell projects RAJ. We only help students in making project. Please see project details on download link.

  4. i need project training in data warehousing

  5. i need a national thermal power corporation summar projact asap...where should i get that,,cn u give me a link or smthng else.

  6. Please see below link.


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