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Sep 26, 2010

Analysis of Extinction in Vitiated Flame Sheets

This project presents Measurement and Analysis of Extinction in Vitiated Flame Sheets which is a very great and awesome project for Mechanical students and M.Tech Students. Vitiation results in diluting and preheating the reactants, significantly enhancing the behavior of the fire. An interesting result of vitiation is the increased propensity of the flame to experience extinction, either locally or globally. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar. Vitiation is a consequence of limited ventilation, where the products of combustion mix with the unburned reactants prior to reaction.

This analysis provides a close analysis of native flame extinction by examining the behavior of counterflow flames undergoing kinetic losses, radiation losses, and override. an intensive review of flame extinction theory was conducted to see the suitable parameters necessary for characterizing native flame extinction conditions. easy scaling arguments area unit conferred to demonstrate that every of those parameters is critical in accidental fires.

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Counterflow methane-air diffusion flames are studied by experimentation and numerically with OPPDIF to consistently examine the consequences of every parameter on native flame extinction. Furthermore, a model is conferred, which uses reactant composition and temperature within the vicinity of the flame, web radiation losses from the flame, and also the native scalar dissipation rate as inputs to model native extinction conditions. The planned model is appropriate for integration into machine Fluid Dynamics (CFD) codes wont to predict the hazards related to accidental fires.

Author:-Williamson, Justin Wade

Source:- DRUM




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