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Aug 24, 2010

Chemical Engineering Projects

If you are looking for final year Chemical Engineering projects then you are at right place. We have a huge list of Chemical Engineering project which will guide you to make you final year Chemical Engineering project. You can also take reference for Diploma Chemical Engineering project from this list. And if you have any Idea for any other Chemical Engineering project then please post it here. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

Chemical Engineering Projects List For Final Year
1.Recovery of Oil from Emulsion Effluents.
2.Safety and Hazards Management of Runaway Exothermic Chemical Reactions.
3.Studies on Multiphase Reactors.
4.Technology Development: Hydrodynamics and Cold Flow Studies in Trickle Bed Reactor.
5.Design of Cold Oil Expeller for the Extraction of Jojoba Oil.
6.Radioisotope Tracer Studies for Modeling and Simulation of Multiphase Reactors at Elevated Pressures.
7.Pilot Plant Study on Coil Flow Inverters.
8.Membrane Transport Models and their Applications in Design and analysis of Reverse Osmotic Systems.
9.Gasifier Action Research Project.
10.Biomass Related Action Research Centre.
11.Analysis of Photochemical Film and Foam Reactors
13.Biological Applications Of Macromolecules
14.Improve Performance of Cyclone Preheater System.
15.Future for Next Generation of Nuclear Power Plants
16.Energy Saving in Soda Ash Plant.
17.Radiation Processing of Polymers
18.Improve Performance of Pulverizer for Product Size Control.
19.Inventory and Flow Control in Complex Process Networks
20.Effective Utilization of Grinding Media in Pulverizing Material.
21.Photon spectroscopy
22.Energy Saving in Grinding Circuit in Cement Plant.
23.Environmental Impact Assessment and Treatability Studies.
24.Application of Reverse Osmosis for Chemical Recovery and Treatment of Textile Process House Effluent.
25.Comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment Report for Liquid Fuel Based Power Plant.
26.Model Development for the Removal of Mobile Oil from Solid Substrates.
27.Development of Mixer for Emulsions.
28.Biomass Densification.
30.EIA and EMP Study Report for Chloromethane and Halon Project.
31.Environmental Impact assessment of Kant Enclave Film Studio and Allied Complex.
32.Design Analysis of Primary and Secondary Treatment Systems for Distillery Plants.
33.Characterization of Fabric Bag Filter for Dust Collection.
34.Natural and Fabricated NanoBiomaterials
35.Nano Technology-Fueling the Chemical Industry
36.Bio-oxidation - A Technology For Sustainable Air Pollution Control
37.Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR)
38.Recycling of Paper
39.Radioactive Waste Management
40.Ion spectroscopy
41.Natural and Fabricated Nan Biomaterials
42.Solar Ponds
43.Application Of Linearization Methods
44.Particle Surface Modification
45.Metal-Matrix Composite Processing
46.Metamorphic Robots
47.Particle Sizing by Laser Diffraction
48.Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
49.High Preformance Polymers
50.Emulsification using microfiltration membranes
51.Carbon Sequestration Technologies
52.Chemical Oceanography
53.High Temperature polymers
54.New Chemical Instrument Uses Missile Technology
55.Microstructural Modeling of Branched-Block and Linear-Block Polyolefins
56.LDAR: Enforcement and Inspection
57.Manufacturing methods to control polymorphism
58.Air Monitoring Equipments
59.Acid, Basic, Disperse Dyes and their Application
60.Textile Dyeing Auxiliaries Project for Chemical Engineering

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