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Jun 11, 2010

Project Report on Indian Movie Marketing

This is report on Indian Movie Marketing for managements students. This MBA project can be used for reference and study by the students. India is the world's largest producer of films by volume - producing almost a thousand films annually. However, revenue-wise, it accounts for only 1 percent of global film industry revenues. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

This undertaking report gives insights about the advertising blend of amusement administration showcasing blend and gives an understanding perspective of traditional and eccentric special champing of Bollywood motion picture promoting.

Film marketing works at 3 levels-traders and distributors, corporate branding and promotions and events for the opening. Details elaborated below give a fair understanding of how to market a film using promotional tools and build pre-release hype.

Project Report on Indian Movie Marketing

The pre-release hype or marketing is nothing but “curiosity marketing

2. A film is nothing but just another brand like a FMCG/ Lifestyle or hospitality one but the consumption here is definitely only once.

Every film is different. Every genre is different and will appeal to a different audience. The trick lies in knowing who will be most interested in watching your product aka the film. No film is for everyone. A film can’t communicate effectively or succeed at the box office unless the maker knows the group of people for whom they are making it for.

Star Cast and TV promos
were the most powerful attractions for people. Hence marketers try to play on the high demand Actors and cut best teaser promos for the same. Film Review by newspapers was also an important determinant of first week footsteps. Hype, Controversies, banner and credibility came in second place for people to get influenced.

'Pre-release hype' is the becoming an influential factor for people flocking to theaters. Pre-release hype here constitutes the glitz glamour and ground promotions per say. The music, star cast and story are excluded from this term



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