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Apr 4, 2010

Depreciation Study on SAIL

This is the project on depreciation which will help the MBA students in their final year project. This report is carried in SAIL - Steel Authority of India Limited and describe the need of depreciation and its important for industries. As per Carter Depreciation is the gradual and permanent decrease in the value of an asset from any cause. This report explain in detail about depreciation. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

Objective of this study are to study in general the Depreciation management procedure in SAIL, to analyze and apply methods & concept of Depreciation management in SAIL, to know how the assets been depreciated in SAIL, to know the various methods to be followed by SAIL in depreciating of their assets, to give suggestions, if any, Better method that can decrease the charges of depreciation, to provide a complete aware of the assets been depreciated, & how they effects.

Recommended Project: Export Process and Documentation

Depreciation is of 2 types viz. internal and external and its method based on actual physical usage – Units of production. Depreciation is based upon the number the units produced by the asset in a given year. Use this for reference and study.



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