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Mar 4, 2010

Gesture Recognition based on Scratch Inputs

Gesture recognition based on scratch inputs is a good Electronics projects, ECE project which utilizes a microphone placed in a stethoscope to recognize various gestures when a fingernail is dragged over a surface. This project uses singular acoustic signatures of different gestures on an existing passive surface such as a computer desk or a wall and the microphone placed in stethoscope listens to the sound of scratching that is transmitted through the surface material. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

Gesture Recognition Based on Scratch Inputs

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Hardware for this project is very simple and easy to get and has very small circuit on a solder board. There is one micro-controller circuit and a microphone inside a stethoscope. Above is shown the actual project photo. This all arrangement was fit into a small aluminum box which was made from sheet metal. Holes for connecters and switches were then cut out. The microphone is attached to standoffs which "push" the stethoscope on the surface which the box is placed on.

This project report includes all the circuit diagram, block diagram, working, Gesture recognition code, PC Interface Code, component cost details etc. Use this project for your reference and study only.

Author:-Gary Halajian and John Wang
Source:- Cornell University

Project Report


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