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Feb 12, 2010

One Place For All Engineer

If you are an Engineer than you can't miss this opportunity to see this Big community of about 70 thousands engineer having one aim to become a successful engineer and good person.The Community Name which you all should know is having only one aim to unite all engineer's around the whole world . CrazyEngineer is the only place where you find all Engineering related stuff, Current affair, new technology etc. Even they have Interview each month of Great personalities. CrazyEngineer is all about sharing, helping and uniting.
CrazyEngineer also announce many contest which include Best project ideas, circuit development and other stuff which help everyone. It even help students in their carrier and give their valuable suggestion to choose good carrier for them. And if you are planning to make a project for your final year semester than i know you like our site very much but if you want any suggestion on seminar topic or what project to make than you can post a topic there and i assured you that you will get lot of answer from professional, Engineer and really good programmers. Even if you want help regarding where to go for your summer training then you are at right place.
Below is a screenshot of the CrazyEngineer's forum which you can join to become another CrazyEngineer :).

CrazyEngineer -

I also like CrazyEngineer's chat system from where i get directly connected to my friends and also get help if i want in some topic,this i have also marked in the above picture of the forum. The Good think about CE ( is that if you misses something or you can't login daily in CE than you can simply follow them in Twitter or can also subscribe to CE feed to get always connected to CE.
So join the Revolution ,Join Now and be a Proud Engineer and Proud CEian.


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