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Feb 21, 2010

Cost sheet Project at Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd

Cost sheet Project is for MBA students and is carried out at Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Cost classification is the process of grouping costs according to their common features. Costs are to be classified in such a manner that they are identified with cost center or cost unit. You can use this project report for reference and study. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such MBA Projects and Seminar.

Aggregate of indirect cost
is referred to as overheads. It arises as a result of overall operation of a business. According to Weldon over-head means ‘the cost of indirect material, indirect labour and such other expenses, including services as cannot conveniently be charged direct to specific cost units. It includes all manufacturing and non-manufacturing supplies and services.

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This cost cannot be associated with a particular product. The principal feature of overheads is the lack of direct tractability to individual product. It remains relatively constant from period to period. The amount of overheads is not directly chargeable i.e. it had to be properly allocated, apportioned and absorbed on some equitable basis.



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