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Dec 9, 2009

Design of an Native Embedded Java Processor

In embedded systems, designers want more powerful tools to develop their products. There is a growing desire for threading and garbage collection and Java is becoming an attractive candidate to fill the void. One of the important stepping-stones is building the tools to facilitate Java’s progression into the embedded arena.

In this thesis, a Java native processor is developed on FPGA. A class linker and bootstrap programs are created to support execution of Java classes. Subsets of the instruction set were classified and selected based on their importance and difficulty for implementation on the processor. After a comparison of existing Java processors and their architectures, a non-pipelined multi-cycle data path was chosen to be prototyped largely due to time-constraints. Simulations were used to ensure correct functionality and synthesis results were used to reduce gate counts and optimise timing results. An in-circuit debugger was designed to assist in testing and co-simulation of the device against RTL and instruction simulator models.

Jeremy See Wei Chan

University:- The University of Queensland



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