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Dec 11, 2009

[PPT] Advance learning Methodologies in Artificial Neural Networks

An Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is an information processing paradigm that is inspired by the way biological nervous systems, such as the brain, process information. The key element of this paradigm is the novel structure of the information processing system. It is composed of a large number of highly interconnected processing elements (neurons) working in unison to solve specific problems. ANNs, like people, learn by example.

An ANN is configured for a specific application, such as pattern recognition or data classification, through a learning process. Learning in biological systems involves adjustments to the synaptic connections that exist between the neurons. This is true of ANNs as well. Adjusting the Synaptic weights of the ANNs is something like changing the value of a Potentiometer setting until the desires output is reached.

Neural networks take a different approach to problem solving than that of conventional computers. Conventional computers use an algorithmic approach i.e. the computer follows a set of instructions in order to solve a problem. Unless the specific steps that the computer needs to follow are known the computer cannot solve the problem.

This is the Presentation of Advance learning Methodologies in Artificial Neural Network which was posted on earlier posts.



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