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Sep 5, 2009

Training Report on Diesel Engines Working, Repair and Maintenance

This training Report on Diesel engines working, repair and maintenance is prepared while doing training in ONGC (oil and natural gas corporation ltd.). Engines have different-different parts i.e Stationary and Moving part and this report contain study about them. The stationary parts of an engine include the cylinder block, cylinder, cylinder head or heads crankcase and the exhaust and the intake manifolds. The engine cylinder block is the basic frame of a liquid cooled engine, whether it is the in-line, horizontally opposed or V-Type.

Monitoring is a useful predictive maintenance tool used to avoid potential problems which may occur at later stage by monitoring the health of the equipment. The working of Diesel engine can be mainly departed in four stages viz. Suction, Compression, Expansion & Exhaust. The cylinder head provide the combustion chamber for the engine cylinders. The cylinder bolted to the top of the cylinder block to close the upper end of the cylinder.

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