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Jul 13, 2009

Computer Science Project on Speech Recognition

This is Computer science engineering seminar project on "Speech Recognition". Language is man's most important means of communication and speech its primary medium. Speech provides an international forum for communication among researchers in the disciplines that contribute to our understanding of the production, perception, processing, learning and use. Spoken interaction both between human interlocutors and between humans and machines is inescapably embedded in the laws and conditions of Communication, which comprise the encoding and decoding of meaning as well as the mere transmission of messages over an acoustical channel. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Computer Science Project on Speech Recognition

The paper dwells at the speech technology and conversion of speech into analog and digital waveforms which is understood by the machines.

Speech recognition, or speech-to-text, includes taking pictures and digitizing the sound waves, changing them to basic language units or phonemes, building phrases from phonemes, and contextually reading the phrases to make certain accurate spelling for phrases that sound alike. Speech popularity is the capability of a computer to recognize fashionable, certainly flowing utterances from a wide variety of users. It recognizes the caller's answers to move along the waft of the decision.

We have emphasised at the modeling of speech units and grammar on the premise of Hidden Markov version. Speech recognition allows you to offer input to an utility with your voice. The programs and limitations on this concern has enlightened us upon the effect of speech processing in our modern technical field.

Speech recognition is the process of deriving either a textual transcription or some form of meaning from a spoken input. Speech recognition is the inverse process of synthesis, conversion of speech to text. The Speech recognition task is complex. This involves the computer taking the user's speech and interpreting what has been said.

Author:- Aditi and Swathi



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