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Jun 20, 2009

A Benchmark Approach to Filtering in Finance

The paper proposes the use of the growth optimal portfolio for the construction of financial market models with unobserved factors that have to be Filtered .This benchmark approach avoids any measure transformation for the pricing of derivatives. The suggested framework allows to measure the reduction of the variance of derivative prices for increasing degrees of available information. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

Inside financial modelling it really is from time to time the case that will its not all quantities which usually figure out your dynamics associated with security prices is usually completely observed A number of the variables that will define your development of the market place are usually hidden However most of these unobserved variables could be necessary to re act in a very market place design the type of dynamics that particular empirically observes .

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This leads obviously to be able to filter methods These kinds of procedures figure out your distribution called fi lter distribution of the unob offered factors offered your obtainable information This syndication enables next to be able to compute your expectancy associated with amounts which have been depending on unobserved factors intended for instance type prices .

Author:- Eckhard Platen and Wolfgang J. Runggaldier

Source:-University of Padova



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