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May 29, 2009

Some of the Important Electronics Terms Starting With A alphabet

Some of the Important Electronics term that start with alphabet A.

Abbe condenser
1. In microscopy, a special twopiece lens that has enhanced light-gathering power.
2. A similar focusing device in an electromagnetic antenna.

Abbreviated dialing
In telephone systems, special circuits requiring fewer-than-normal dialing operations to connect subscribers.

Acronym for airborne beacon electronic test set (NASA).

Absolute accuracy
The full-scale accuracy of a meter with respect to a primary (absolute) standard.

Absolute delay
The time elapsing between the transmission of two synchronized signals from the same station or from different stations, as in radio, radar, or LORAN. By extension, the time interval between two such signals from any source, as from a generator.

Absolute error
The difference indicated by the approximate value of a quantity minus the actual value. This difference is positive when the approximate value is higher than the exact value, and it is negative when the approximate value is lower than the exact value.

Absolute gain
Antenna gain for a given orientation when the reference antenna is isolated in space and has no main axis of propagation.

Absolute humidity
The mass of water vapor per unit volume of air.

Absolute instruction
A computer instruction that states explicitly and causes the execution of a specific operation.

Absolute magnitude
For a complex number quantity, the vector sum of the real and imaginary components (i.e., the square root of the sum of the squares of those components).

Absolute Peltier coefficient The product of the absolute Seebeck coefficient and absolute temperature of a material.

Absolute pitch
A tone in a standard scale, determined according to the rate of vibration, independent of other tones in the range of pitch.

Absolute pressure
Pressure (force per unit area) of a gas or liquid determined with respect to that of a vacuum (taken as zero).

Absolute-pressure transducer
A transducer actuated by pressure from the outputs of two different pressure sources, and whose own output is proportional to the difference between the two applied pressures.

Absolute Seebeck coefficient
The quotient, as an integral from absolute zero to the given temperature, of the Thomson coefficient of a material divided by its absolute temperature.

Absolute temperature
Temperature measured on either the Kelvin or Rankine scales, where zero represents the total absence of heat energy.


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