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May 22, 2009

Modal Analysis on an Exhaust Manifold to define a Catalyst FE-model

Faurecia Exhaust Systems AB develops and manufactures exhaust manifolds for the car industry. In the establishing practice your FE-models are one of the primary methods and maybe they are getting increasingly critical in the automotive improvement. In the tough competition between the manufacturers, the demands for fast development require good FE-models both from the manufacturers and their subcontractors. The main goal of this thesis is to update an existing FE-model of a close coupled exhaust manifold and look at the catalyst to investigate the behavior of the catalytic converter and suggest a way to model the monolith.

The actual thesis combines analytical car finance calculations along with trial and error sizes. Through modal hypothesis, a good analytical type will be kept up to date to be able to look like the particular trial and error information.

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The results with this thesis includes up to date variation on the FE-model on the harrow a lot more. Furthermore, it contains one example regarding how you can model the switch assembly. The actual style of the switch assembly has become endorsed.

Author: Björn Zettervall, Henrik Ekholm

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology


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