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May 20, 2009

How to Start Your Project

The biggest problem in Final and Pre-final year is how to decide about your Project so that it is beneficial to you and your company { interviewer ask this question}. So from the 6th semester you all must think what your going to make for your Mini Project and as well as Major Project.

Follow these steps:-

1.The first step is think a project related to your Branch and also you can select according to your Hobby.
2.Search about the Projects in Internet and different websites and collect enough material so that you are ready to make project.
3.check the feasibility of the project.
4.Check if it is in your budget and you are getting all the component you required.
5.Consult Your Project Guide and Project Coordinator about the projects and take his/her advice on your project.

6.Make a presentation and report of the project and demonstrate it to your faculty and student.
7.Now you can use the project for Final year also (If you are making a Mini project 1st) and if it can be extended further.
8.Be sure that your project is completed on time and is cost effective.
9.Check the working of the Project before showing it to Project teacher or any other whom you want to show.


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