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May 16, 2009

15 Seminar Topics for Electronics Students

Choosing seminar topic is a very tough decision and choosing it right is important. In this post, we are providing some of a good idea for your seminar. Here is a list of 15 seminar topics which will help you to choose and give your seminar. If you want any project or seminar topic, then please let us know through your comments. You can also submit your own seminar ideas here or at our forum. These topics are for Electronics and Electrical students.

1. 3G mobile System
2. 3G wireless system
3. High Bitrate Indoor Radio Communication
4. High Data rate WLAN
5. Next generation cellular Networks
6. High-Speed data compression
7. UWB radio as sensor
8. WIMAX mobile
9. A PK-SIM card based end-to-end security framework for SMS
10. WLAN security and Solution
11. Method for distributing power usage across a sensor network
12. Development of a teleoperation system for agricultural vehicles
13. The Applications of Software Radio in Satellite Communication
14. Paper Battery
15. Mobile Communication using Fuzzy logic.

Bonus Seminar Topics

Two Pass Assembler
Carbon Nanotubes
Designing of Text editor
Distributed Databases

For more seminar topic on Electronics, Electrical, Civil, IT, CSE, you can subscribe to our blog or sign-up to our forum.


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