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Apr 27, 2009

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

Automatic meter reading (AMR) is the technology of automatically collecting data from energy metering devices (water, gas, and electric) and transferring that data to a central database for billing and/or analyzing. This is a full project report. Edit according to your self if required. The credit for this Report goes to my friend Ashish Saklani. Thanks To him!!
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The development of a GSM automatic power meter reading (GAPMR) system is presented in this paper. The GAPMR system is consists of GSM digital power meters installed in every consumer unit and an electricity ebilling system at the energy provider side. The GSM digital power meter (GPM) is a single phase IEC61036 standard compliance digital kWh power meter with embedded GSM modem which utilize the GSM network to send its power usage reading using short messaging system (SMS) back to the energy provider wirelessly.

At the power provider side an ebilling system is used to manage all received SMS meter reading, compute the billing cost, update the database, and to publish billing notification to its respective consumer through SMS, email, Web portal and printed postage mailing. A working prototype of the GAPMR system was build to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of automatic meter reading, billing and notification through the use of GSM network.



  1. Any Problem feel free to contact!

  2. hey nice project cud u pls explain me the coding part ny how if possible........!!!
    nice project
    was reali a gr8 help

  3. The coding part is of initialization of seven segment display which is connected to the Micro-controller.

  4. hi pkb...
    i'm so interested about this project...
    did this project running and where we need to install it?

  5. hi pkb...
    i attracted to try this project as my final year project....
    do u sure this project running smoothly without any error?
    where i should place it for transmit circuit?

  6. how about overall cost for set up this project

  7. Yes this works and will not be more than Rs2000/

  8. my final year project amr by using gsm .Can i change am frequency with gsm it gsm modem compatible with AT89C2051.if can't,do u have an idea?

  9. Good report. For the sake of completion, GSM/CDMA based AMRs could also be mentioned. The latest in AMR is the technology based on SMS
    over a GSM/CDMA platform.

  10. the C programme that u have given in d report for transmitter and receiver is having errors. please help us in this regard, how to debug the programme as soon as possible.

  11. how to take pulse from power meter?let say the power meter itself has pulse output contact,can i connect it with this project.


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