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Mar 18, 2009

How a Call is made !

Today we all use mobile phone's but hardly only few of them knows how a cellular Telephone call is made. Now I will share with you that how a call is made Here you go. When a mobile phone is turned on, but it is not engaged in a call, it 1st scans the group of FORWARD CONTROL CHANNEL and connect with the strongest channel. When the signal drops the process is repeated & it connect with the strongest signal FCC.

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Now when a telephone call is placed to a mobile user,the MSC (mobile switching center) dispatches the request to all base stations in the cellular system. The MIN (mobile identification No.), which is subscriber telephone no, is then broadcast as a paging message over all of the FCC throughout cellular system. now the mobile receives the paging message and responds by identifying itself over the reverse control channel(RCC).

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Now the Base station receives the acknowledgment and tell the MSC about the handshake. The MSC instruct the Base station to move the call to an unused voice channel within the cell. At this point ,the BS signals the mobile to change the frequency to an unused forward & reverse voice channel pair, at this alert signal is transmitted to the called subscriber.

Terms used :
FCC-forward control channel
RCC-Reverse control channel
FVC- forward voice channel
RVC-reverse voive channel
MIN- mobile identification no.
BS- base station (mobile towers)
MSC- mobile switching center or main switching center.

FCC & RCC are only 5% of the total no. of channels


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