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Feb 2, 2009

Time delay Switch for Mobile Chargers

In our day to day life, Mobile is playing very important role and thus become very important for all of us. It normally happens when we charge our Mobile phones, our mobile get over charge as we forget to switch off the charge and this mostly happens during night time. This project is made to solve this problem accurately without any tension. During night before going for sleep, we can ON this charger and go for sleep. This charge take care of over charging and will switch off the charger after 2 Hour of charging. 2 hours are sufficient for any mobile to charge fully. This is a simple monostable multi vibrator, which will switch on the circuit for a particular time period. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

circuit diagram Time delay switch for mobile chargers

There are different mode of the circuit of this delay mobile charging. When the circuit is in standby mode, transistor Q1 does not conduct, since its base is floating. When the switch( SW1 ) is pressed and current flows through R5 and the switch to provide positive bias to transistor Q1. Transistor Q1 conducts and its collector voltage drops, which acts as a negative trigger input for the monostable. Here a pulse will be generated 7200 second duration ( 2 hour ).

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Now you can charge your mobile without any tension on night with this simple circuit. You can make this project for your hobby and for your mini project too. This will be very helpful for all.



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