Sep 11, 2011

Development of a GSM Based Vehicle Monitoring & Security System

This is a good Electronics and Communication project report on development of a GSM based Vehicle Monitoring & Security System which aim is to provide security to the vehicles. The system automatically locks the vehicle as soon as it receives a predefined message from the user. The controlling unit contains the Microcontroller and the GSM modem interfaced to it. The controlling unit will be fixed to the vehicle. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

In this project the microcontroller continuously checks whether it has received any message from the modem or not. The modem provides the communication interface. Whenever anyone tries to unlock or take away the vehicle, immediately a message will be sent to the user mobile. The user, after checking the message, can respond immediately to save his vehicle. The microcontroller retrieves this message from the modem by issuing certain AT and T commands to the modem. The report contains the block diagram, circuit diagram, working & full microcontroller 8051 programming code of GSM based Vehicle Monitoring & Security System to help students.


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