Feb 1, 2011

Distance Measurement Robot Full Electronics Project Report

This is a very good Electronics Project Report on Microcontroller based Distance Measurement Robot. Distance measurement robot makes use of infrared sensors to measure the distance of obstacle. It also uses components such as LCD displays, motors, microcontroller, signal conditioner to function. IR sensors have a transmitter and a receiver to send and collect the IR rays. The time difference between sending and reception can be used to measure the distance of obstacle. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

In this project AT89C51 is used. This report contains Circuit Diagram of Distance Measurement Robot too to help you in making your Project. Use for your reference and study. You can also see Microcontroller based Ultrasonic Distance Measurements System.

This application is based upon the reflection of IR waves. IR waves are high intensity light waves. Subjects whose dimensions are larger than the wavelength of the impinging light waves reflect them. If the speed of IR waves in the medium is known and the time taken for the IR waves to travel the distance from the source to the subject and back to the source is measured, the distance from the source to the subject can be computed accurately. This is the measurement principle of this application. Report contains circuit diagram, project code, block diagram etc. Thanks to all the author for sending there project report to us.

Author:-Rahul Joshi, Surendra Singh Khati, Sandhya, Setu Agrawal &Amp; Sandeep Kumar


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