Feb 2, 2010

Wind Driven Plate Tectonics

The objective of this project was to investigate if plate tectonics could be partly influenced by the dominating winds i.e. to investigate how predominate winds over the continents are correlated to tectonic plate movements. This report presents the principle explanations and calculation methods to the hypothesis. The required data of the monthly mean wind velocity and the wind direction at 117 locations on the continents of the world were collected. By calculating the monthly mean wind force the resulting monthly force was calculated.

The result indicates a relatively strong correlation between the plate movement and predominant wind in four out of five cases. These results are mainly of scientific interest but could also be of interest for the climate change, since changing wind pattern would eventually affect the tectonic plate movements.

Author: Widatalla, Asim Mohamed

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology



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