Nov 27, 2009

Automated Saw Mill Carriage

The Automated Sawmill Carriage Positioning System is a project that is being designed and developed for W.B. Shaffer Lumber Company, located in Dushore, PA. Its primary purpose is to create efficiency in the process of setting the thickness of a board that is to be cut from a log. The head blocks on the log carriage will house a positioning sensor that will be used to determine their position with respect to the edger blades, which are responsible for cutting the width and depth of the boards. A hydraulic proportional valve will be used to facilitate in the process of physically moving the log to its predetermined location. The proportional valve will be controlled by a Koyo DL-06 PLC, which will also excite the transducer, read its value, and determine the validity of the carriage’s position based on the reading of said transducer.


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