Aug 8, 2012

M.Sc Biotechnology Project on Microbial Quality Control

Microbiology is not only study of diseases but also finds application in industries for the production of enzymes, antibiotics, vitamins, drugs, processed for fermentation industries. Pharmaceutical microbiology is a part of industrial microbiology which is concerned with the production of various drugs for various disease. The project is concerned with microbial quality control. It has been done at Axa Parenterals Pvt Ltd Roorkee (U.A). Axa Parenterals Pvt Ltd has now become a leading Pharma company of India to help patient leads healthier lives through. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Microbial Quality Control

Main objective of this project is to check the microbial contamination of pharmaceutical products, sterility test, bacterial endotoxin test and environment monitoring. During this project work different type of microbiological tests has been performed. These are Microbial limit test, Sterility test, Bacterial endotoxin test, and Environment monitoring.

The microbial limit test is designed for the establishment of numbers of viable aerobic microorganisms present and for detecting the presence of designed microorganism species in pharmaceutical products. Use this Biotechnology project for your reference and study work only.

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