Apr 3, 2012

J3ME & Bluetooth Enabled Mobile based Full Duplex Automation System

This is a good Automation project for final year students on "J3ME and Bluetooth Enabled Mobile based full duplex automation system. Using a Bluetooth and Java Enabled Mobile Handset, the user will be able to control the devices like fan, bulbs, tube-lights & other domestic appliances using just the cell phone handset. The project consists of two main portions being the hardware circuit with microcontroller 89C51 interfaced with Bluetooth modem, LCD display and relay circuit, and the second part being the software developed for cell phone in J3ME to enable communication between the hardware circuit. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

The software for the mobile handset will be developed using Java language. The Software will have a display on mobile handset as shown in schematic. Use this for your final year project idea and reference work.

Author:-Tejas N. Joshi, Dixit Ghuta, Kashyap Gala, Mayur Thakkar, Mihir Thakkar


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