Aug 24, 2011

IT Project Report on File Splitter (Secure Multi-Part File Transfer Application)

This is a nice IT project report on secure multi-part file transfer application. This project focus on designing a software which provides the users with the flexibility of sending and receiving files or messages in a secured format. This software design includes the encryption and decryption algorithms for converting the normal text to cipher text for a secured transfer and splitting the file will make the user to transfer the files very easily. The report contains Use case diagram, Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA), sequence diagrams, activity diagram for Encryption, Splitting & Sending. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

The project need Java J2SDK 1.5, Swings at front end and Windows NT/2000(Client/Server) as operating system. The proposed system should have the following features. The transactions should take place in a secured format between various clients in the network. It provides flexibility to the user to transfer the data through the network very easily by splitting the large amount of file in to user specified size. Use only for your reference and study work.


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