Apr 1, 2011

Industry Analytics Report On Drugs And Pharmaceuticals Industry

This is a good MBA Project Report On Industry Analytics Report On Drugs And Pharmaceuticals Industry. The report start with introduction, Global Pharma Industry Overview, Indian Pharma Industry overview and also cover some important points like Types Of Drug Systems In India, SWOT Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces Model, Qualitative Analysis, PEST Analysis etc. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar.

The analysis shows that if the Indian Economy gains strength, the Indian pharmaceutical market will undergo a major transformation in the next decade and it will become one of the top ten markets in the world. Use this report only for your reference and study.

Author:-Aakanksha Agnihotri, Anurag Agarwal, Saloni Singh, Smeet Patel, Sushmita Chakraborty, Yoga Moorthy


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