Feb 23, 2011

Bio-Gas as Alternate Fuel in IC Engine Chemical Engineering Project Report

This is a good Chemical Engineering seminar project report on Bio-Gas as Alternate Fuel in IC Engine which focus on the use of Bio-Gas for cars or other vehicles and the solution to rising fuel price. The report can also be used by Mechanical engineering for there seminar work. In India, some projects are undertaken in which diesel and biogas as dual fuel for diesel pump. The need of Bio Gas vehicles is due to the fact that LPG is explosive, CNG & Petrol are expensive. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such Projects and Seminar. You may also see Water as an Alternate Fuel.

Available sources of liquid fuel will be depleted after few years. In this situation biogas can serve as best alternative fuel. Some of the major Application of Bio-Gas fuel are Fuels for internal combustion engine, PUMP, Electricity generation, Domestic fuel for burners in kitchen etc. You can use this project report for your study and reference.


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