Jan 21, 2011

Artificial Intelligence Substation Controller Project Report

This is a Artificial Intelligence based project report on "artificial intelligence substation controller" for Electronics, Computer science and other related branch. Controlling a substation by a fuzzy controller speeds up response time diminishes up the possibility of risks normally related to human operations. The automation of electric substation is an area under constant development. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Project on Artificial Intelligence Substation Controller

This project on "artificial intelligence substation controller" focuses on the Selection of the magnitude to be controlled, definition and implementation of the soft techniques, Elaboration of a programming tool to execute the control operations. It is possible to control the desired status while supervising some important magnitudes as the voltage, power factor, and harmonic distortion, as well as the present status.

The status of the circuit breakers can be control by using a knowledge base that relates some of the operation magnitudes, mixing status variables with time variables and fuzzy sets.

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The number of necessary magnitudes to a supervise and to control a substation can be very high in the present research work, many magnitudes were not included. To avoid the extensive number of required rules nevertheless, controlling a substation by a fuzzy controller has the advantage that it can speed up the response time and diminish the possibility of risks normally related to human operations.

Nevertheless, the control of a substation is a very complex task due to the great number of related problems and, therefore, the decision variables that can influence the substation performance. Use project report on AI Automates Substation Controller only for reference and study.


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