Nov 21, 2010

Project Report on Credit Appraisal at Canara Bank

This MBA project report gives the detail and report about Credit Appraisal at Canara Bank. This project partial fulfillment of the requirements of MBA program. This Project is on Credit Appraisal process of Canara Bank. This is a very important activity carried by credit department of bank. The Main objective of this project is to study credit policy of bank and credit appraisal process as a whole, to study the credit rating methods followed by the bank for different credit ranges etc. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

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The other main objectives of the project are:

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1. To study the credit rating methods followed by the Bank for different credit ranges.
2. To study the method used by bank to calculate the interest rates to be charged.
3. To study and analyze the credit proposals of plywood industry.
4. To study a credit appraisal report of a firm engaged in manufacturing of pre-laminated plywood boards

Project is divided into many chapters and start with company introduction. It also includes an introduction of some risk rating models. You can use this for reference and study.


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