Jan 4, 2010

Warehousing Concept Management MBA Thesis

Warehousing concept is management thesis for MBA students and can be used for their reference and study. The warehouses will offer services for selected agri-commodities. The services will include unloading, classification, storage and out-loading. Inspection and testing by independent certifying agencies of international reputation will be available for product classification and quality testing.

Transportation is an essential and a major function of warehousing ecosystem that creates time and place utility in goods. It is virtually inconceivable in today's economy for a warehouse to function without the aid of transportation. Distribution and logistics is the nerve and very important for the success of the Warehouse Business.

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First of all supply Managers should map the whole method within the provide chain. they need to convey well analysis of the price concerned in each link of the provision chain (i.e.) from arriving supply to deposit to distribution center to the ultimate delivery. The method map of value at all are developed once due consultation with the channel partners and suppliers.

Author:-Abhishek Porwal


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