Nov 10, 2009

Curves and their Applications to Factoring Polynomials

These are new methods for computing square roots and factorization of polynomials over finite fields. We also describe a method for computing in the Jacobian of a singular hyperelliptic curve. There is a compact representation of an element in the Jacobian of a smooth hyperelliptic curve over any field. This compact representation leads an efficient method for computing in Jacobians which is called Cantor's Algorithm. In one part of the dissertation, we show that an extension of this compact representation and Cantor's Algorithm is possible for singular hyperelliptic curves.

The algorithms for computing in Jacobians of hyperelliptic curves are very fast especially for small genus and this makes our algorithms especially computing square roots algorithms competitive with the other well-known algorithms. In this work we also investigate superelliptic curves for factorization of polynomials.

Author:-Ozdemir, Enver

University:- The University of Maryland


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