Sep 18, 2009

Traffic Control Algorithms for a Multi access Network scenario comprising GPRS and UMTS

The upcoming wireless communication systems will bring new architecture concepts, new spectrum allocation policies and smart resource management in a multi-network environment. The paper assumes a multi-network scenario comprising GPRS and UMTS Radio Access Networks (RAN) and proposes several schemes for controlling and distributing the network traffic over these two RANs, increasing the spectrum efficiency of the whole system by ensuring that Mobile Terminals are served by the optimum radio access technology available. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

Traffic Control Algorithms for a Multi access Network scenario comprising GPRS and UMTS

This is achieved by assigning a cost to each service that the network can provide, taking into account both system load and system resource availability, and enabling the Mobile Terminal to select the most efficient RAN, retaining the quality the user asks for.

The results show that a gain, in terms of percentage of satisfied users, of more than 15% can be obtained by the multi-network system compared to the case of no traffic distribution process, thus leading to a more efficient spectrum usage.


1. The spacecraft can accommodate any signaling waveform as there is no on-board processing. On-board digital channelization and beam forming consume significant amounts of power which could be used to gain link margin instead.

2. This strategy allows evolution of signal processing algorithms (such as interference cancellation) via implementations in the ground station. However, ground based beam forming typically requires larger feeder link bandwidth allocations.

3. Regional based frequency assignment is preferable to satellite based frequency assignment with regard to mobility management. This simplifies the development of the satellite switching center as it is more akin to cellular. In fact in this approach the satellite beams are considered to be the highest layer of the cellular hierarchy and select the one with the lowest cost.

Note:- Author of the seminar has taken help from IEEE for his projects.

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