Jul 22, 2009

A Faculty Book System

A faculty book system is project in JAVA and can be used as a major project by students. This project is used to keep record of faculty books and removed the manual work. There is a full record of all the faculty of college and school in this system and whenever any book is issued to any teacher, it is added to the faculty book system along with date of issue and return date. You can also Subscribe to FINAL YEAR PROJECT'S by Email for more such projects and seminar.

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Normally staff in colleges and schools uses MS excel, and maintains their records, but it's unattainable them to share the information from multiple system in multi user surroundings, there's heap of duplicate work, and likelihood of mistake. Once the records area unit modified they have to update every and each stand out file, there's no choice to realize and print previous saved records. There's no security; any body will access any report and sensitive information, additionally no reports to outline report. This a faculty book System is employed to beat the whole drawback that they're facing presently, and creating complete atomization of manual system to processed system.


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